JAM Group is a Hong Kong based creative agency operated by international award-winning design studio, THE CABINET. Through design thinking process, we help clients to define the problem and tackle it with suitable yet innovative solutions. We believe good ideas come from unique insights. We believe an all-rounded marketing strategy with appropriate visual execution is the key for a business to grow.


We specialised in brand promotion including advertising, online/offline and ambient marketing, as well as design. Our founder, Malou Ko, started her career in design practice where she trained up her design skills and art sense. Throughout the years, she has been mastering the design thinking methodologies which she had learnt since day one of their design studies.




Campaign Promotion

Brand Building

Market & Sales Strategies



Communication Design

Event Management




An international award-winning design studio that has been practising our aesthetic sense, design skills and self-motivated projects for over 15 years.


Our production partner where we can make sure our work will be executed with all the details and in high standards.