Chinese Piano Concerto by Catherine Wong
Promotion Campaign

2017 Summer

Client ∖ Catherine Wong

Market ∖ Hong Kong

Creative & Art Direction ∖ Marketing Strategies ∖ Event Planning

The Chinese Piano Concerto "The Butterfly Lovers" & "Yellow River" By Catherine Wong was hold in 31st August, 2017. It was the first large scale concert for the Hong Kong born and braised female pianist, Catherine Wong Tsz-fong, to perform in Hong Kong. Our challenge was to promote the concert and to introduce an unfamiliar figure together. It will be hard to attract audience's interest without the popularity of the performers.

We helped to organise the whole event from planning, promotion and post-event follow up. It is very hard to promote an unknown figure together with with a concert to sell tickets. So we were able to shift the concert to a charity concert and invited two non-government organisations as beneficiaries. In this way, people from that two organisations will be interested to join, and so as their friends and families.

On the teaser stage, we launched a poster to introduce Catherine, with the tagline covering her to create curiority. We were hoping to promote Catherine with the tagline, "Hong Kong upcoming and International level young female pianist", so to let audiences remember who she is.

During the offical promotion stage, we have media buy in major area in Central and harbour crossing tunnel exits to create a talk of the town effect.

The event was a hugh success with all the tickets sold, and we are able to attract over 100 notables from political, business, performing arts, cultural, fashion and design sectors to attended the concert. Even a few celebrities are interested to come and see the show. All major media of Hong Kong had also came to cover this event.