Hot Wheels Micro City
Visual Merchandising Installation

2016 Summer

Client ∖ Hot Wheels

Market ∖ Global

Creative & Art Direction ∖ VM Installation

In the annual global Mattel Toy Fair that hold in Hong Kong, Hot Wheels showcased their different series of toys to attract global toy store vendors to order their toys. And there is an island space to create the best Hot Wheels experiences.

We helped to create a micro city with different world noted landmarks and hot wheels tracks ran across. Since we wre showcasing the carton box series: track builder sets, in this display, we used carton paper texture for all the landmarks to unite with the series. The display has a lot of details like traffic lights, road signages, hydrant... to enhance the city feeling. We also made some trams and letter boxes to add a Hong Kong feeling.

In order to show Hot Wheels' brand promise, "the freedom to push your limits", we also created an IFC building in the middle with tracks crazily shuttle around it. We want audiences to feel the infinite possibilities of Hot Wheels tracks.