Lover's Tune
Promotion Campaign

2015 Summer

Client ∖ Lover's Tune

Market ∖ Hong Kong

Creative & Art Direction ∖ Marketing Strategies ∖ Print ads ∖ Online Game Design ∖ Online Banner

Lover's Tune provides custom made wedding songs, live bands and proposal planning services. Based in Hong Kong, they want to attract more customers with a chic and modern look and feel.

To attract new customer, we introduce them to the public by rebranding the Corporate Identity (CI) and their website design, giving a whole new and fresh look to audiences.

We also provided an digital marketing plan to relaunch the new brand. The plan included a Facebook App game and sets of online and offline materials. Through the game, audiences have a come over a task to reward a discount on Lover's Tune services. We helped to engage our target user with the brand and broadened the customer profiles.

By the end of the campaign, we were able to increase 125% of their original monthly revenue.