Thomas & Friends Diorama
Visual Merchandising Installation

2014 Winter

Client ∖ Thomas & Friends

Market ∖ Global

Creative & Art Direction ∖ VM Installation

Thomas & Friends was participating in the annual global Mattel Toy Fair to attract global toy store vendors to order their toys.

In order to best display Thomas & Friends trains, we created a diorama display with mountains and grassland with tracks run across, just like the Thomas & Friends cartoon animation / stop motion back in the old days. We've included a lot of different scenes and details in the display to prolong audiences eye sight when they see the display. We hope to show the core value of the brand, "Friendship", in the display by putting different trains and runs across the miniature landscape. We want to capture their attention and be amazed by the excitement and freshness of Thomas & Friends.

After the show, we received orders from Thomas & Friends to see if we can produce more of these diorama displays in different places in the world to showcase their toys. We also created a small one for showcasing in Thomas & Friends pop up event in different toy stores and shopping malls.